Pennsylvania State Athletic Association

LOCK HAVEN, Pa. – The Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference has released a series of new logos and branding standards. The logos were designed to identify the league and its membership, said PSAC Commissioner Steve Murray

The PSAC is the largest conference in the NCAA, boasting 18 member institutions competing for 23 championships. Recognizing the competitive academic and athletic opportunities provided throughout the commonwealth, the league is promoted by its adopted moniker: “Passion, Pride, Pennsylvania.”

“The conference’s new look is credited to a successful partnership with Joe Bosack & Co. as well as valued input from various PSAC constituents. The result is a series of marks which exhibit our geographic commonality as institutions throughout Pennsylvania, while also featuring each school with their own recognizable elements. In addition, we are delighted to unveil a series of designs that highlight the opportunities and accomplishments provided through our 23 championship sports,” said Murray.

According to its website, Joe Bosack & Co. is “uniquely qualified to manage the development of superior brand strategies and brand identity designs that meet the objectives of the project, the brand, the client and the campaign.”

The development of conference marks in each member school’s own colors also creates an opportunity for institutions to embrace a relationship with the PSAC and serve as a unifying element to the campaign. In addition, the introduction of a fresh look to the conference identity includes revised presentations in the form of championships, awards and a website redesign slated for later in the year.

“It is an exciting time as we build upon over 65 years of tradition and usher in a new look for the PSAC. We hope you share in our enthusiasm,” Murray said.